What is Air Conditioner (AC) And Why It Is So Important To US?

Feb 20, 2023 my blog

Thesedays, the summer has also intensified and everyone is in the most need to use cooler or AC in their homes, AC keeps our house or office cool during the summer air condition maintenance near me  season or wherever you have installed AC Keeps the place cool.

Now the summer has also intensified and everyone is in the most need to use cooler or AC in their homes,Guest Posting AC keeps our house or office cool during the summer season or wherever you have installed AC Keeps the place cool. The place where the AC is installed absorbs the hot air there and processes it with the refrigerators and coils inside it and expels the cold air so that the hot air in that place turns into the cold air and the place Temperature decreases. It removes the hot temperature and makes you feel cool, that too without any sound, that is why the trend of AC has become more everywhere and it is important to use because air conditioners have provided a great service. Not only do they cool your home’s interior air and create a comfortable environment, but they also improve the air quality inside your house. Modern units are fitted out with washable or disposable filter media that deject allergens and pollutants from circulating throughout your interior spaces.

Air Conditioner System

Air Conditioner Machine mainly consists of 3 parts:


Compressor and Condenser these are installed outside the Air Conditioner’s Room while Evaporator is installed inside the Air Conditioner Room. The main function of the Air Conditioner is to cool the air inside the room when you turn on the AC and set temperature, then the Thermostat in the AC removes the temperature of the atmosphere and the difference you set. According to, AC keeps working automatically. The hot air escapes from the Grill pipe in the AC and passes through the refrigerant which absorbs its heat and the Evaporator Coils not only absorb its heat but also expels the moisture. Now, this hot Refrigerant Gas goes through the compressor where it is compressed and by which it increases the temperature further, then it goes into the Hot Gas Condenser where it cools and turns into Liquid. After which Cool Liquid now passes through the Expansion Valve from where it is again sent to Evaporator while controlling its flow and is ejected. This process keeps on running again and again till the temperature we have set, AC continues this process until the entire hot air of the room cools down.

Which Type Of Gas Is Exist In AC?

A refrigerant is a liquefied gas that is used in air conditioners throughout heat out in the atmosphere. Without refrigerant, freezing technology is not possible. There are a lot of refrigerants that are used in AC. Few are R-22, R-410A, R-32, and R-290. A small number of refrigerants are harmful to the environment and cause Global Warming. The lower table defines the data for the Global Warming Potential of various refrigerants.

Advantages Of The Air Conditioner

Heat recovery

The room temperature decreases as soon as the air conditioner is turned on. Heat provides instant relief. This is the reason why AC is installed in homes and offices nowadays.

Don’t sweat

Air conditioner has a big advantage that the body does not sweat.

Better performance

In today’s office, an air conditioner is needed because it helps employees perform better. The use of ordinary feathers does not dissipate heat and affects the work of employees. While working in an air conditioner keeps their mind calm, no heat is applied and they can function better.

Sleep well

You must have heard that the air conditioner is very important for getting good sleep. People may not use air conditioners during the day but must run air conditioners at night so that they can sleep well.

Fewer bugs in the house

In homes where air conditioners are used, fewer insects are found in other houses. You must be aware that the more heat there is, the more insects are produced. They do not breed in low temperatures and stay away from home.